CIHR SPOR NB Network in Primary and Integrated Health Care Innovations

I am the primary NB researcher leading the NB CIHR Strategy for Patient Oriented Research (SPOR) Network in Primary and Integrated Health Care Innovations (PIHCI). The network is a provincial team of diverse stakeholders, including health professionals, patients, decision makers, funders, among other stakeholders. A goal of the NB SPOR PIHCI Network is to improve the integration of health care services in New Brunswick and across Canada. This unique funding opportunity operates as a network of networks that builds on inter-provincial/territorial networks, under the oversight of a national leadership council.


Our provincial team was successful in obtaining $150,000 in Network Development Funds in March, 2014, to advance our NB network. In June, 2015, our NB team secured a $1,000,000 Management and Operations grant to support the ongoing operations of our network ($500,000 from CIHR, $500,000 from NBHRF).

NB Tripartite Leadership Team: S. Doucet, R. Azar, N. Kunnen, H. Liston, J. Kingston, S. Gander

Participants and Co-applicants: several additional stakeholders across sectors. 

*Please note – the Tripartite Leadership Team refers to the research, policy, and clinician leads.



My Role / Responsibilities / Contributions:


As the research lead, I am responsible for developing and coordinating the expertise within the research community to work with the clinical and policy leadership to: ensure the views of patients and citizens are included in the work of the pan-Canadian SPOR Network; synthesize relevant scientific knowledge and identify important gaps to inform and guide the proposed approach; develop the local and national research protocols for comparative effectiveness assessment, including characterizing and measuring the attributes of different approaches to care and linking with provincial evaluation initiatives in primary health care and other sectors of care as appropriate; identify/develop relevant indicators to assess outcomes that are relevant to all stakeholders; and publish and disseminate new knowledge generated through research in traditional and non-traditional venues, as appropriate (e.g., peer-reviewed publications, policy briefs, patient brochures and websites, etc.).


Please note the role responsibilities for the research lead are cited from the CIHR website, for more information please see -


In terms of my contributions to date, I have taken a co-leadership role with Dr. Baukje Miedema in preparing the applications for the network development funds ($150,000) and management and operation funds ($1,000,000); co-coordinated eight workshops / meetings with stakeholders from across NB and Atlantic Canada; chair the advisory committee meetings and operations committee meetings; hire staff, prepare monthly network newsletters, and network with stakeholders from across sectors to ensure that our team is diversely represented.


My program of research is squarely aligned with this network, given my research interests in interprofessional collaboration across the continuum of care. For more information, please see the Network websiteFacebook, and Twitter accounts.

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