Determining research priorities to improve the integration of care for individuals with complex care needs and their caregivers in New Brunswick  

Health research in Canada is increasingly moving towards engaging patients and their caregivers in projects where they can positively contribute to the improvement of health care systems and practices. The purpose of this project is to build capacity for patient-oriented research (POR) and to identify health service delivery research priorities for individuals with complex care needs (CCNs) and their caregivers that will inform the development of future POR grant applications focused on improving the delivery of health services. Two specific objectives will be addressed: identify the research priorities of patients and their caregivers on how to improve the delivery of health services, ensuring that future research addresses issues that matter most to those who are receiving care; build capacity to conduct multi-disciplinary POR by piloting an online training program in NB, NS, and QC, with the plan to scale the training to other Canadian provinces. Achieving the proposed objectives will lead a list of top research priorities, an online POR training course, and a patient panel to partner on future grant applications. 


I am the Nominated-Principal Investigator of this one-year study funded by CIHR ($100,000) and NBHRF ($20,000). Through participating in this project, our team will have opportunities to expand our partnerships with researchers, patient representatives, clinicians, and decision makers across NB and Canada, particularly with stakeholders who also share an interest in POR. The results will inform the foundation for our future POR initiatives that respond to the research priorities of patients and caregivers. The new patient panel that is formed as an outcome of this project will be a great resource to ensure that we have diverse patients and caregivers who are trained and interested in POR to join our ongoing and future research teams. As the NB PIHCI research lead, and the Director of the Centre for Research in Integrated Care, this research will also inform our future research directions and enable us to improve our POR approach.