Program Of Research

My program of research is focused on the development, implementation, evaluation, and dissemination of interprofessional practice initiatives in community based primary health care settings. More specifically I am engaged in exploring how health professionals from different professions across settings work together to provide collaborative care that meets the unique needs of children who have complex health conditions so that care is more coordinated and patient-centred. I am also engaged in exploring how different sectors, such as education and social development, can work together to improve care for children through identifying best practices in this area. My multi-method community-based research involves intersectoral partnerships with a variety of stakeholders, such as health professionals, economists, patients, regulatory bodies, community members, and government. Our team develops programs that address the barriers and gaps in services identified through research, with the goal to promote collaborative patient-centred care that is accessible and meets patients’ needs. My interests in interprofessional practice have evolved from my research as a graduate student, my experiences teaching interprofessional student teams, as well as my clinical experiences in nursing. I have been recognized for my work in this field by having been awarded the Jarislowsky Research Chair in Interprofessional Patient-Centred Care at UNB in 2014.